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bonjour lauren!

The following talent options are multi-hyphenate women that would be incredible in your upcoming GSTQ campaign. Read a quick bio on their personality or view their portfolio of recent work by clicking the button below their titles.

  • Alli

    Pianist, Dog Mom, Pilates enthusiast, Model, Operations Coordinator, Athlete, Yogi, Snowboarder, World Traveler, Quick-text-replier

  • Annie

    Mom, Wife, Veteran, Foodie, Registered Dietitian, Trilinguist (Fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian), New Face Model

  • Ashley

    Business owner, Author, MBA, Fur Mom, Model, Diversity + Inclusion Advocate, Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate, Cardiology Manager

  • Ayisa

    Musician/singer/songwriter, New Face Model, Aunt, Caregiver, Masters Student, Matcha Master

  • Brittany

    Artist, Founder of Lumee Studio, Creative Director, Explorer, New Face Model, Sugar glider Mommy

  • Bryttny

    Mom, Advanced Aesthetician, Model, Corporate Trainer, Rock Climber, Founder of Whiskey + Fig (launching soon), Desert Dweller, Hot Sauce Connoisseur

  • Charm

    Model, Esthetician, Cat Mom, Foodie, Wife, Nature Lover

  • Chloe

    Artist, Fashionista, Daughter, Independent, Dog Mama, Friend, New Face Model

  • Christine

    Artist, Model, Dancer, Political Activist, Fitness Enthusiast, Babysitter/Nanny, Volunteer, Spooky Item Collector

  • Christy

    Model, Actor, Producer, Director, Photographer, Boxing Instructor, Runner, Athlete, Environmental & Animal Rights Advocate, Rescue Dog Mom

  • Coquia

    Daughter, Sister, Friend, Model, Athlete, NCAA qualifier + Nevada State Champion, Dog + Plant mom, Founder of Want The Scoop, Founder of Spread The Light Candle Co., Ice Cream Expert

  • Jules

    New Face Model, Aesthetician, Bartender, Athlete, Friend

  • Kristin

    Traveler, Model, Athlete, Nurturer, Animal Lover, Hype Woman, Twin Flame

  • Rachael

    Founder + Agency Director of Merci Talent, Model, Actress, Singer, Traveller, Athlete, Yogi, Cat + Plant Mom, Vinyl Collector, Swiftie

  • Rina

    Mom, Plant Mama, Artist, Musician, Songwriter, New Face Model, Wellness Advocate, Traveller, Herb Nerd

  • Rohini

    Artist, Creator/Creative, Model, Bookworm, Free Spirit, Wife, Dreamer, Go Getter, Empath

  • Yessy

    Actor, Model, Creative Director, Cat Mom, Sister, Brand Ambassador, Dancer, Curator, Soul Mate, Cheese Slut